Eiswelt Gelato is a dessert shop located on Bolsa Ave. in the heart of Little Saigon, that customizes your delicious in-store made gelato into fun characters such as a teddy or even a unicorn. All our animals are handcrafted by our employees in front of your eyes each time you order one. We also serve drinks which include the regular Jasmine Milk Tea that we cook in store or for cold days a nice Hot Chocolate. Another item on our list are our waffles. We have two different types which are the German Waffle and the Waffle Pop. It is our mission to have all of our customers walk out with a smile on their face from seeing such cute characters made out of gelato. Our flavors range from the regular French Vanilla to Rose Lemonade and even Durian (a exotic asian fruit that is known as the “stink fruit”). Each day we usually have about 22 different flavors for you to try and enjoy.

My name is Vyvy Hoang and I’m the owner of Eiswelt Gelato. I graduated from UCI in December 2016 with a business degree. I opened Eiswelt Gelato with one specific reason being that I wanted to bring something from my old home to my new home. I was born and raised in the West of Germany. While growing up there, my parents owned a supermarket and a restaurant, which inspired me to one day own a business of my own. Growing up, every Sunday would be family day in my household which included getting gelato with my parents and talking about our week. In 2008 my parents decided to move to the United States. As I was growing through my teenage years I realized that dessert here was extremely overpriced compared to Germany and it made me think about opening a store on my own. In 2015 I finally decided to fulfill my dream and opened Eiswelt Gelato. It was a big step for me and I definitely faced many obstacles but I would never change a thing about the experience. I want to thank all our new and loyal customers for supporting us and I hope that we put a smile on your face when we give you your character shaped gelato cones.

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Eiswelt Gelato

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